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Earth. Rope. Pot. Plant. is a collaborative project and book by Narelle Dore and Sigrid Volders. The book includes a CD of music by David Edren for happy plant growing, recipes collected on a cooking marathon weekend by Otark, a botanical movie list by Vincent Stroep and images of Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant hangers in their new homes alongside selected work by various artists and designers.

Earth, rope, pots and plants have formed the basis of the raw materials used over the last two years for both collaborative projects and new creations of Dore and Volders. These collaborative projects have manifested themselves as a series of plant hangers, a private garden, botanical breakfast mornings, movie nights, recipe sharing and photo series – all of which come together here in this book. The book seamlessly marries different color ranges, seasons, moods, textures, existing and new images, giving individual projects one unified and new artistic context.

This book attempts to document the last two years of collaboration in a way that
is neither chronological nor comprehensive, but rather suggestive and selective
so to be understood as a book on contemporary craft. It is a potential answer to the current and creative context that surrounds Sigrid and Narelle – a frozen documentation of the continuous flow of exchanges that take place between different disciplines and fields of interest.

Released in May 2015. An edition of 250 copies. 
Hand bound. Hand numbered. 151 pages.