One of the simplest ways to step up your skincare routine is by performing a facial massage. I do this while applying my favorite oil and/or serum. It's easy and effective. And although a jade roller or gua sha tool is nice, hands work too !

Lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate blood circulation and improve sagging and puffiness in the face, but I find it especially effective at de-puffing the area under and around eyes.

You can find countless techniques for this on the internet, but I love the 1980's-feeling of this youtube video instructional. 

Pairing this technique with a face oil, can really help the oil soak into the layers of the skin. As of late, my favorite oils for this are: Living Libations Sooth Sayer Serum, Lesse Balancing Face Oil, or Zizia Botanicals Rose Centella Oil.