Over this past year since opening our space, our team has realized that we have become so much more than a shop - and that the best utilization of our offerings needs to be held within a bigger container. Thus, the concept of Association Studio was born.

We see Association as more of a ‘creative space’ that merges all the things we love and are passionate about. This new vision can’t work under the label of ‘shop’ any longer because a shop is a place for selling things, and though we do that and will continue to do so, we will also be offering routine events, services and modes of practice to engage and inspire our community and beyond.

This is really just the beginning, I feel like there's a million iterations of how I see Association and what I want to be able to offer, and there already have been a few versions (for any of you who have been kind enough to follow along over the years, since our days of being strictly a space on the interweb). 

So please join us, as we continue to shape Association into what feels more authentic to us, and hopefully to our community too. In the coming weeks we'll be hosting our first of what will become bi-monthly yoga classes by the very wonderful Allison Riegel of Body Ceremony, which you can find more info about here, and there will also be some upcoming workshops that we'll be announcing soon.

As always I'm just so grateful for the support of each and every one of you. Looking forward to this next chapter.