Astrology 101 with Emily Carsten - Eclipse Cycles


Come learn the basics of astrology with local Portland based astrologer Emily Carsten. 

Have you heard of the upcoming eclipses and wondered what they have in store for you? If you’ve had any burning questions about eclipse cycles this class will address the meaning of eclipses, and specifically the 2019-2020 eclipse cycle. We will also be covering Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn and Uranus in the chart. Although this sounds technical, this class will be a slow and meditative writing class through these transits, and a time of reflection for the self. Come with your questions and curiosity! 

Those who pre-register will be asked to provide birth info. so that their birth charts can be generated ahed of time; for drop-ins, please come with a print-out of your birth chart, or have it available on your phone. 

Sunday, December 15th, 4:00-5:30pm

Sliding scale, $15-20

Emily Carsten is a Portland based Astrologer and graduate of the Portland School of Astrology. Currently her focus is in Shadow work through the lens of Astrology. She has a psychology background which informs her process of understanding the beauty and complexity of humanity. She is simultaneously an avid tarot card reader with the moniker Twin Torches Tarot & Astrology.