Down and Out On A Yacht - Delphine Bedient


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Delphine Bedient has been publishing exceptional small books for years, offering snippets of life on paper, real or imagined, where the perspective is always astute, curious, and deeply felt. 

Her first book of short fiction is a natural continuum of this.



Men kept smiling at you today, but you felt like a disaster. You were an influenza epidemic, you were Hurricane Katrina, you were a four-car pileup, and there they were, these men, smiling.


When bringing food to tables at the restaurant you often look at the plates instead of the people who receive them.

“Enjoy your dinner,” you say to a filet of salmon.

“Do you have everything you need?” you ask a seared pork chop.


Two Plum Press produces slim volumes of literary works both contemporary and classic. Titles include works of poetry, essays, fiction, philosophy, visual art, travel and food writing.

The press operates similarly to an independent record label, where the artists are tied to one another through their friendships, common location, history, and collaborations.

The books are produced in industrial southeast Portland, Oregon. They are printed on primarily old paper stock and feature letterpress-printed dust jackets using hand set lead type.