Klay Disc Squab Pillow - Oatmeal Heavy Linen


KLAY disc squab pillows are structured and firm, due to their five hand crafted layers.They an are ideal squab for on top of a stool or a wooden or concrete bench, or as a meditation cushion.

Inside, the first three layers are built up to sculpt the ideal disc form. Two circles of 5mm foam sandwich carefully arranged shredded recycled rag. This is then sandwiched between two circles of soft fluffy bamboo batting, which is fully enclosed with a trussing hand stitch.This is then inserted into a calico cover, which again is hand stitched closed, ensuring a smooth finish. The methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape.

The covers are made from upholstery grade linen. They are removable and have a color matched 40cm YKK invisible zip.

Color: Oatmeal Heavy Linen

Measurements: approx 3" height, 15" diameter

Made in New Zealand