Join musician and educator Sean Frenette in exploring the Yoga of Sound, Monday's from 6:45-8:15pm. While cumulative study will be offered, each class is also taught similar to an "all-levels yoga class" and is always open to drop-ins and newcomers!

Using Nāda and Rāga forms as a backdrop, we explore a rich, medicinal mindfulness practice of embodied vocalization. These practices are specifically designed for a meditative, healing experience of effortless singing and a vibratory exploration of the prismatic nature of our voices. 

The Melodic "Color Wheel"— When you take a painting class, the first thing you learn is how to make all the colors; the Color Wheel. In this class, we will begin similarly and make a melodic color wheel with our voices. We start by exploring the vast array of simple tones, intervals, and melodic shapes that make up the building blocks for a lot of the music we hear.

Rāga singing — Rāgas are exquisite musical forms from the Indian Classical music tradition, forms reaching back many hundreds of years and informed by the cycles and sounds of nature. Introducing one's voice to these foundations of Indian classical music will enrich your understanding and experience of intonation, melody, rhythm and musical form.